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Age Exchange – Reminiscence Centre

posted by: Ashcroft, on 23rd May 2011

On Wednesday 9th March we made a trip to Blackheath Village to visit Age Exchanges Reminiscence Centre.  The centre had a range of exhibits, ranging from the 40’s-60’s.  Three residents came on the trip, and told me after they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

We were greeted with tea and cakes, before browsing through the exhibits.  Not only did the centre give us the opportunity to discuss various objects, brands, and smells, it also offered the opportunity to talk about fond memories.  Later we were lucky to have a guide who treated us to a sing along whilst playing his guitar.  It just so happened a full choir were stopping for lunch, who promptly joined in the sing along with us!

I found the centre staff to be extremley imformative and friendly, and hope to return shortly with other residents.

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